Driving School Management

KarConnect - One stop solution for Driving School Management

Driving in India would always bring unique experience to every individual. India is having the second largest road network in the world with over 3 million kms of roads, out of which 60% are paved. The government is working hard for improving the road conditions, but then it is our moral duty as well to have the decent driving tactics.

The average driving behaviour across the country has gradually been improved with the increasing number of driving schools. They are contributing a lot in providing the skilled drivers to India, which is ultimately affecting the accident rates. One is always been advised to invest in driving schools before starting driving. The importance of such driving school(s) can not be neglected. But it gets tedious to manage such schools efficiently.

Driving Schools will now be managed by KarConnect

KarConnect has again come up with an IoT solution especially designed for driving schools across the country. It would help you to manage your driving school more efficiently than ever before. Worrying about scheduling the session timings for different customers? Or concerned about the misuse of your vehicle during the session? There would be many such things that could be bothering you if you own a driving school. Afterall, it’s not an easy task to simultaneously manage the customers, driving teachers and vehicle’s condition.

KarConnect is now providing exclusive features for Driving Schools

Ahhh.. Impressive, isn’t it?

I suppose that KarConnect has managed to grab your attention as you don’t need to worry about maintaining your driving school anymore. All you need to do is email us at marketing@karconnect.com and sigh out of relief.