• What is KarConnect?

    KarConnect is a solution to connect your car with you through an app in your smartphone.

  • What do I need to get my car connected?

    All you need to get connected to your car is a KarConnect device & a KarConnect app.

  • How does it work?

    • Once you have got the KarConnect device, plug it into the OBD II port of your car.
    • Download and install the KarConnect app in your smartphone.
    • After installation, open the app and pair it with the KarConnect device. The pairing is to be done only once.
    • The KarConnect app will start receiving data from the KarConnect device about the health and performance of the car.
    • This data will be encrypted and saved to the cloud for further analysis.

  • Do I have to connect the app with the device every time I drive?

    No, after the initial setup is done properly, KarConnect app will be running in background of your phone. It is not necessary to open the app while every time you hop into your car, only thing you need to ensure is to keep your Bluetooth ON.

  • How does KarConnect makes my car smarter?

    KarConnect enables your car to communicate with you. With KarConnect your car can let you know if there is some problem in it or is it fit enough to be driven? It analyses the driving pattern to save fuel and thus saving your money.

    KarConnect also helps you to track your car remotely in case of emergency. Also, you get smart alerts regarding how to maintain and take care of your car.

  • How does it makes me smarter?

    KarConnect analyses the driving data and ascertains your driving behaviour to enhance your driving skills. It also provides you trip assistance by suggesting nearby service centers / garages, fuel stations, hospitals, food junctions etc.

    KarConnect has self diagnostic system that smartly helps you to troubleshoot some minor problems in the car and for the major problems it gets you in contact of nearest garage. The remote access data functionality enables your car engineer to help you remotely in fixing the car problems.

  • Is KarConnect device compatible with my car?

    KarConnect device is compatible with any car that is manufactured after 1996. All such cars necessarily has an OBD-II port near their dashboard. OBD-II is short for "On-board Diagnostics, version 2," and it's been required on every passenger new car sold since 1996.

  • Will KarConnect app work with my phone?

    KarConnect app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

  • Will it work without the KarConnect device?

    If you have downloaded the KarConnect app in your smartphone and have not purchased the KarConnect device, even then you can use some of the features of the KarConnect app. For the fully functional KarConnect app, it needs to be connected to the KarConnect device.

  • Can I use KarConnect app while streaming music or using phone-based navigation?

    KarConnect app doesn’t interfere with the functionality of any other application that is connected to the Car’s entertainment unit. KarConnect app runs in the background, so even if you're using your phone for any other purpose, there will not be any hindrance in logging the data.

For any further queries, please write to us at info@karconnect.com