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There's no doubt that school managements and teachers can face significant challenges trying to keep track of hundreds of childrens and assure their safety during transit to and from school premises. Losing track of a child is a terrifying prospect. Being a Management or a parent, you need to focus on child safety all the time. The ability to track and locate children is a vital concern to both parents and school staff.


Pain Relief for School Management and Parents


Karconnect School Bus Tracking System provides all the information about the child’s safety. By installing School Bus Tracker, parents will also be kept informed about the bus location during its journey to and from the school premises. This system ensures better vigilance and lesser efforts for parents and school management. Karconnecr Child Tracking Device or School Bus Tracker maintains the safety of the bus and the children, letting management and parents be at peace. The system allows management to get alert notification about vehicle speed, idling of engine alert and trip summary.


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How KarConnect helps tracking School Management by School Bus Tracking?



How KarConnect helps tracking Parents by School Bus Tracking?


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